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AAA 2019: Dealing with the Dizzies: An Introduction to Pediatric Vestibular Screenings (0.1 CEUs)

Recorded On: 03/29/2019

Dealing with the Dizzies: An Introduction to Pediatric Vestibular Screenings

Recorded at AAA 2019, Friday, March 29, 2019

Presenter: Joshua Huppert, AuD

CEUs: 0.1

Instructional Level: Fundamental

Description: Screening approaches for identifying pediatric vestibular dysfunction, despite evidence of poorer outcomes and the high prevalence of vestibular deficits in children, are not commonly practiced across pediatric centers.  As such, vestibular dysfunction in children is often misdiagnosed, if not unrecognized entirely. However, implementation of quick, cost-efficient, and easily-interpreted screening measures will not only help to identify vestibular dysfunction in children, but also, likely result in increased patient quality of life and favorable outcomes for long-term development.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify 3 risk factors commonly associated with vestibular dysfunction in children.
  2. Construct questions to include in case history specific to identifying vestibular dysfunction in children.
  3. Apply 2-3 vestibular screening measures to diagnostic audiological evaluation test battery.
Joshua Adam Huppert, AuD

Dr. Joshua Huppert is currently an Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology and Pediatric Audiologist at University of Miami Ear Institute. Dr. Huppert's specific vestibular interests include central vestibular mechanisms mediating aspects of vestibular cognition (e.g., spatial awareness, navigation, and memory), central compensation following vestibular insult, and isolated otolith dysfunction. Other audiologic passions beyond vestibular include electrophysiology and evaluation of special and/or medically-involved populations. Dr. Huppert currently serves as the Chair for the Public Outreach Counsel. When not doing audiology, Dr. Huppert enjoys running/exercising, exploring eclectic food experiences, being outdoors, and spending quality time with close friends.


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