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C.S.I.: Case-Study Investigations – Is Counseling Case Specific? (.1 CEUs)

Recorded On: 04/03/2013

C.S.I.: Case-Study Investigations – Is Counseling Case Specific?

Duration: 1.25 hours

Presenter: John Greer Clark, PhD

CEUs: .1

Who Should Attend: AuD Students

Level: Introductory
Program Focus: Knowledge and Skills

Learner Outcomes:

Upon completion, each participant in the Web seminar will be able to:
1. Better listen to the underlying emotions that need to be addressed in parent/patient statements or questions
2. Better time statements to enhance information retention
3. Recognize how self-assessment measures can enhance patient-sensitive conversations
4. List the three primary counselor attributes given by Carl Rogers


This presentation focuses on patient sensitive conversations across the life span. While providing an overview of key counseling principles, group discussions will help participants find appropriate responses to help move rehabilitation forward.

   John Greer Clark, PhD is an assistant professor at the University of Cincinnati, president of Clark Audiology, LLC, a private practice in Middletown, OH, and an Ida Institute Faculty Fellow.   A Past-President of the Academy of Rehabilitative Audiology his research interests are in the areas of patient and family audiologic counseling, achievable audiologic rehabilitation, and animal audiology. 


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