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AudiologyNOW! 2017: Did You Hear That, Too? More Hearing Aid Mysteries Explained (0.1 CEUs)

Recorded On: 04/07/2017

Did You Hear That, Too? More Hearing Aid Mysteries Explained (0.1 CEUs)

Recorded: April 6, 2017

Presenters: Erica Koehler, AuD; Tammara Stender, Au.; Jennifer Groth, MA

CEUs: 0.1

Duration: 1 hour

Instructional Level: Intermediate

Learner Outcomes: Upon completion, each participant in the eAudiology Web seminar will be able to:

  1. List common causes of intermittent sound quality issues in hearing aids.
  2. Identify ways to interpret patient complaints with hearing aids and apply these interpretations to troubleshoot the issues.
  3. Apply methods to communicate with patients and provide counseling about strange or intermittent occurrences in hearing aids.


Wireless communication and hearing aid technology are evolving at a rapid pace. In the midst of this evolution are the audiologists who need the information necessary to answer questions when unexplained occurrences arise. This presentation will continue the journey we began last year to explore new mysteries. Investigations into the root causes of these mysteries, as well as clinical troubleshooting methods and ways to communicate to patients about these issues, will be discussed.  

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