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Assessing Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (.1 CEUs)

Recorded On: 08/21/2013

Assessing Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Duration: 1 hour

Presenter: Rebekah F. Cunningham, PhD, and Gail Padish-Clarin, AuD

CEUs: .1 CEUs

Who Should Attend: Audiologists

Instructional Level: Intermediate
Program Focus: Knowledge

Learner Outcomes:
Upon completion, each participant in the eAudiology Web seminar will be able to:
1. Describe the importance of multi-disciplinary team work in the management of children with ASD
2. Recognize when modifications to a standard test battery need to be made in order to obtain information
3. Discuss the importance of documenting normal hearing sensitivity in the overall management plan for children with ASD
4. Convey the basics of the American Academy of Pediatrics policy related to Developmental Surveillance and Screening of Infants and Young Children
5. Develop a list of questions to ask parent/caregivers of patients with autism or suspected autism
6. Analyze and improve upon the testing environment and testing toys to consider when working with patients with autism or suspected autism

Assessing the hearing of children diagnosed with ASD can be challenging even for the best of pediatric audiologists. The importance of documenting normal hearing sensitivity is critical for a team management approach for children with ASD. This eAudiology Web seminar will present current information on best practices combined with the presenters' suggestions on how to best assess these children with parent/caregiver input, assistance from other disciplines, and modification of the testing environment.

Rebekah Cunningham, PhD works at Cardon Children's Hospital Department of Audiology, performing comprehensive evaluations and rehabilitation to infants and young children. She instructs residential as well as transitional Au.D. students in a variety of topics, including OAEs, Evoked Potentials, Pediatric Audiology, Newborn Hearing Screening, Auditory Processing and Cochlear Implants. She has practiced privately, at several children's hospitals and at a center for developmental delays, where she was director. She served for 7 years on the American Academy of Audiology task force on the early identification of hearing loss in infants and young children. She also served on AAA's education committee, chaired the membership committee for 3 years, and recently finished serving on Academy's board of directors. Dr. Cunningham has taught, presented courses, and published for over 15 years on the topics of assessment and management of children with hearing loss and/or auditory processing difficulties.


Gail Padish Clarin, AuD, is a Rehabilitation Services Manager for Cardon Children's Medical Center and Banner Desert Medical Center, in Mesa, AZ.  She is also an adjunct faculty member of the Audiology Department at the Arizona School of Health Sciences, A.T. Still University in Mesa, AZ and has taught residential and transitional students in a variety of  topics including Pediatric Audiology, Otoacoustic Emissions, Infection Control, Cerumen Management, and Immittance.  She is a Stakeholder for the Arizona Department of Public Health Newborn Hearing Screening Program and a previous board member for the Chicago Speech and Hearing Association.  She is a board member for her local chapter of the Philanthropic Educational Organization. Dr. Padish Clarin has an extensive clinical background in pediatric audiology, and has worked in educational, ENT, private practice, and hospital settings.  She has published and presented on topics related to FM in the classroom, audiological management of pediatric oncology patients, pediatric audiology, auditory neuropathy/ dys-synchrony disorder, tinnitus, communication needs of hospital patients, and nursing care of the hearing impaired patient. Her clinical interests include pediatric audiology and the communication needs of deaf and hard of hearing patients in the medical setting.


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