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AAA 2018: Clinical Assessment of Ototoxicity and Otoprotection (0.1 CEUs)

AAA 2018: Clinical Assessment of Ototoxicity and Otoprotection (0.1 CEUs)

Presented by Colleen Le Prell, PhD and Kathleen Campbell, PhD

CEUs: 0.1

Instructional Level: Intermediate

The clinical test battery used to monitor patients for the onset and progression of ototoxic injury during the course of therapeutic treatment with lifesaving drug agents overlaps with the clinical test batteries often considered for use in clinical trials assessing otoprotective drug benefit.  This session will review current clinical gold standard methodology and then introduce and provide commentary on other emerging metrics that audiologists should be familiar with.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the most common effects of ototoxic drugs and noise on the inner ear.
  • Compare and contrast ototoxic monitoring versus otoprotective assessments.
  • Describe clinical test batteries that are sensitive to the earliest effects of noise and ototoxic drug agents.

Colleen G. Le Prell

Professor and AuD Program Head, University of Texas at Dallas

Colleen Le Prell, Ph.D., is the Emilie and Phil Shepps Professor of Hearing Science and AuD Program Head at the University of Texas at Dallas. Current research seeks to identify mechanisms of cell death after insult to the inner ear; data are used to identify potential otoprotective agents. Dr. Le Prell has led three clinical trials assessing potential protection of the human inner ear (NCT00808470, NCT01444846, NCT02257983). Additional research efforts seek to identify potential consequences of recreational noise exposure on functional performance and evoked potential morphology in animals and in humans. These efforts have been funded by NIH and the DOD, as well as foundations (AHRF and NOHR), and Industry (Sound Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Edison Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Hearing Health Sciences, Inc., OtoMedicine, Inc., MaxSound, Inc.). Dr. Le Prell has edited three books, and teaches courses on the topics of Hearing Loss Prevention, Research Methods in Audiology, and Evidence-Based Practice.

Kathleen Campbell

Distinguished Scholar and Professor, Southern Illinois University School of Medicine

Dr. Kathleen Campbell, is Distinguished Scholar and Professor, Department of Medical Microbiology, Immunology and Cell Biology at SIU School of Medicine. She obtained her PhD at the University of Iowa. She worked as a clinician for over 2 decades but now conducts full time research. She has published 2 textbooks and over 200 abstracts, manuscripts, and book chapters. She served on the American Academy of Audiology Board of Directors and received a Special Presidential Citation. She received Honors of the American Speech and Hearing Association and received 2 Medical Innovator’s Awards from Sangamon Medical Society. She was also awarded a Mensa Special Foundation Trustee’s Award for chairing their National Research Awards and Honors Committee and a Copper Black Award in Creative Achievement for her patents. She received the SIU university wide 2012 “Inventor of the Year Award”. She consults with Pharmaceutical Companies and the FDA on ototoxicity issues.


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